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Facing a tsunami of regulation at national and regional levels, manufacturers and distributors are switching to reusable packaging. For example, the proposed regulation on packaging and packaging waste from the E.U. is setting ambitious reuse targets.

Switching to reusable packaging faces multiple barriers.

We support our clients in designing reusable packaging solutions.

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For ADEME, we analyzed the development potential of packaging reuse by sector. For each sector, we identified barriers and levers.

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For the Fédération des Entreprises de la Boulangerie (bakery-pastry chains and producers), we designed a roadmap to phase out single-use plastic packaging by 2040 and adopt reusable packaging.

In partnership with Emballages Magazine, we organized training on reusable packaging. The training includes presenting more than 50 case studies and case examples.

We developed a 5-step methodology to support our customers in adopting reusable packaging. Please complete the form below to download our methodology presentation.

Switching to reusable packaging